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Gancoss is the largest distributors, wholesalers and suppliers of NTN bearings in India. We established our business in 1985 with a clientele of reputed industries from both Government and Private sectors. Our services expanded to various industrial areas including thermal power, sugar, oil, textiles, cement, wind, paper, oil drilling, heavy engineering, steel chemicals, food processing, fertilisers, marine, agricultural machinery, mining, pulp and paper, railways, packaging, etc.

NTN is the most reputed manufacturer of industrial bearings in the world and we take an immense pride in associating with them from the year 1996. From then, our prime vision is to exemplify the branding and marketing of NTN bearings in India. We strive hard to maintain the quality of our products and its distribution to our customers. Our team of experts help, guide and train customers on handling the bearings and accessories for proper operation and control through regular seminars and workshops. We help our customers improve their productivity and product quality.

We ensure to deliver the bearings and bearing accessories on time to various parts of the country through speedy transport services. Our products are durable, credible and long lasting. This efficient product quality acts as the driving force for our customer retention in the long haul. We have been serving to many light and heavy engineering industries for the past three decades which speaks volumes about the trust and rapport with our customers.