Bearing Maintenance Products

Bearings that help your production

  • High-performance bearings
  • Load capacity increased by optimisation of the contact surfaces and the quality of steel, sheet metal cages that are processed to increase their resistance and allow better contact with the rollers, increased operating speeds with improved kinematics, dimensional stability up to 200°C due to suitable thermal treatment.
  • Reduction in the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) improved kinematics results in a lowering of the bearing torque and lowers the operating temperature and power consumed. the useful life is increased thanks to the exceptional endurance of ULTAGE® bearings.
  • The intervals between maintenance periods are significantly lengthened. Less frequent maintenance operations significantly improve the usage rate of the equipment and therefore their productivity.
  • Resistance to difficult environments
  • Shock and vibration: solid cages
  • High levels of vibration: EF800 range
  • Pollution: Sealed series

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